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Working Papers

Policies, Projections, and the Social Cost of Carbon: Results from the DICE-2023 Model” joint with William Nordhaus (2023)

NBER WP No. 31112. Supplementary Information.

Bakkensen, Laura, and Lint Barrage (2021) “Climate Shocks, Cyclones, and Economic Growth: Bridging the Micro-Macro Gap” NBER WP No. 24893. [Conditionally Accepted, Economic Journal]

Online Appendix (2021)

Replaces older working paper "Do Disasters Affect Growth? A Macro Model-Based Perspective on the Empirical Debate" (2016)

Barrage, Lint (2023) "The Fiscal Costs of Climate Change in the United States" CER-ETH WP 23/380.

Acemoglu, Daron, Philippe Aghion, Lint Barrage, and David Hémous (2019) "Climate Change, Directed Innovation, and Energy Transition: The Long-run Consequences of the Shale Gas Revolution"

Aldeco, Lorenzo, Lint Barrage, and Matthew Turner (2019) "Equilibrium Particulate Exposure"

Works in Progress

"In the Heat of the Moment: Carbon Pricing Support in a National Referendum" joint with Gustav Fredriksson

"Pricing Climate Risks: Evidence from Wildfires and Municipal Bonds" joint with Woongchan Jeon and Kieran Walsh


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