Published and Accepted Work

Barrage, Lint (2020) "The Fiscal Costs of Climate Change" AEA Papers and Proceedings 2020, 110: 107–112.

ASSA Webcast

Barrage, Lint (2019) “The Nobel Memorial Prize for William D. Nordhaus" (Commissioned) The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 121(3): 884-924.

Barrage, Lint,​ Eric Chyn, and Justine Hastings (2019) “Advertising and Environmental Stewardship: Evidence from the BP Oil Spill” Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Policy.

AEA Research Highlights

Barrage, Lint, and Jacob Furst (2019) "Housing Investment, Sea Level Rise, and Climate Change Beliefs

Economics Letters, 177: 105-108.

Longer Working Paper Version (2018) 

Barrage, Lint (2019) “Optimal Dynamic Carbon Taxes in a Climate-Economy Model with Distortionary Fiscal PolicyThe Review of Economic Studies.

Online (Supplementary) Appendix (2018)

Older Working Paper Version (2014)

Older Working Paper Online Appendix (2016)

Barrage, Lint (2018) “Be Careful What You Calibrate For: Social Discounting in General Equilibrium

Journal of Public Economics, 160C: 33-49.

M. Burke, M. Craxton, C.D. Kolstad, C. Onda, H. Allcott, E. Baker, L. Barrage, R. Carson, K. Gillingham, J. Graff-Zivin, M. Greenstone, S. Hallegatte, W.M.Hanemann, G. Heal, S. Hsiang, B. Jones, D.L. Kelly, R. Kopp, M. Kotchen, R. Mendelsohn, K. Meng, G. Metcalf, J. Moreno-Cruz, R. Pindyck, S. Rose, I. Rudik, J. Stock and R. Tol (2016) “Opportunities for Advances in Climate Change Economics”  Science, 15 Apr 2016: 352(6283): 292-293.

Barrage, Lint (2014) “Sensitivity Analysis for Golosov, Hassler, Krusell, and Tsyvinski (2014): ‘Optimal Taxes on Fossil Fuel in General Equilibrium’” Supplemental Material, Econometrica, to: Golosov, Mikhail, John Hassler, Per Krusell, and Aleh Tsyvinski (2014) “Optimal Taxes on Fossil Fuel in General Equilibrium,” Econometrica, 82(1): 41-88.

Barrage, Lint and Min Sok Lee (2010): “A Penny for Your Thoughts: Inducing Truth-Telling in Stated Preference ElicitationEconomics Letters, 16: 140-142.

Working Papers

"Climate Change, Directed Innovation, and Energy Transition: The Long-run Consequences of the Shale Gas Revolution" (2019) with Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, and David Hémous

"Equilibrium Particulate Exposure" (2019) with Lorenzo Aldeco and Matthew Turner

"The Fiscal Costs of Climate Change in the United States" (2020) (Draft available upon request)

Bakkensen, Laura, and Lint Barrage (2018) “Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?” NBER WP No. 23854. [R&R, Review of Financial Studies]

Press: NBER Digest (2017), Pacific Standard (2018), Providence Journal (2019) FT Alphachat (2019) VICE (2019)

Bakkensen, Laura, and Lint Barrage (2019) “Climate Shocks, Cyclones, and Economic Growth: Bridging the Micro-Macro Gap” NBER WP No. 24893. [R&R, Economic Journal]

Online Appendix (2019)

Barrage, Lint (2018) “Regulatory Dynamics in U.S. Aviation Safety: Economic Determinants of FAA Behavior” [R&R, Journal of Regulatory EconomicsOnline Appendix (2018)


Bakkensen, Laura, and Lint Barrage (2017) “Climate Change, Cyclone Risks, and Economic Growth: A ‘Business Cycles’ Approach

Work in Progress

"Environmental Regulation, Labor Reallocation and Welfare" joint with Maximilian Dvorkin and Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues

Book Chapters

Barrage, Lint,​ (2017) “Carbon Pricing Policy Design and Revenue Management: Economic Models and Policy Practice” in: “Building a Climate Resilient Economy and Society,” eds. K.N. Ninan and Makoto Inoue, Edward Elgar Publishers, Cheltenham, UK.

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