Working Papers:


Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?” (2017) joint with Laura Bakkensen, NBER WP #23854 [Under review]

Do Natural Disasters Affect Growth? A Macro-Model Based Perspective on the Empirical Debate” (2016) joint with Laura Bakkensen

Climate Change, Cyclone Risks, and Economic Growth: A `Business Cycles’ Approach” (2017) joint with Laura Bakkensen

In Revision

Optimal Dynamic Carbon Taxes in a Climate-Economy Model with Distortionary Fiscal Policy” (2016) [R&R, Review of Economic Studies]
Online Appendix (2016)
Previous Version (2014)

“Be Careful What You Calibrate For: Social Discounting in General Equilibrium” (2017)
Online Appendix (2017)
[R&R, Journal of Public Economics]

Advertising as Insurance or Commitment? Evidence from the BP Oil Spill” (2016) joint with Eric Chyn and Justine Hastings, NBER WP #19838
[R&R, American Economic Journal: Policy]

Is Regulatory Rule-Making State-Contingent? Evidence from U.S. Aviation Safety” (2016) [R&R, Journal of Law and Economics]
Online Appendix (2016)

Published Materials:

M. Burke, M. Craxton, C.D. Kolstad, C. Onda, H. Allcott, E. Baker, L. Barrage, R. Carson, K. Gillingham, J. Graff-Zivin, M. Greenstone, S. Hallegatte, W.M.Hanemann, G. Heal, S. Hsiang, B. Jones, D.L. Kelly, R. Kopp, M. Kotchen, R. Mendelsohn, K. Meng, G. Metcalf, J. Moreno-Cruz, R. Pindyck, S. Rose, I. Rudik, J. Stock and R. Tol (2016) “Opportunities for advances in climate change economics”  Science, 15 Apr 2016: 352(6283): 292-293

Sensitivity Analysis for Golosov, Hassler, Krusell, and Tsyvinski (2014): ‘Optimal Taxes on Fossil Fuel in General Equilibrium’” Supplemental Material, Econometrica, 82(1): 41-88.
[Supplementary Material to: Golosov, Mikhail, John Hassler, Per Krusell, and Aleh Tsyvinski (2014) “Optimal Taxes on Fossil Fuel in General Equilibrium,” Econometrica, 82(1): 41-88.]

Barrage, Lint, and Min Sok Lee (2010) “A Penny for Your Thoughts: Inducing Truth-Telling in Stated Preference Elicitation” Economics Letters, 16: 140-142.

Book Chapters:

Barrage, Lint (2015) “Climate Change Adaptation vs. Mitigation: A Fiscal Perspective” [Accepted, ed. Bob Litterman, Wiley and Sons]

Barrage, Lint (2016) “Carbon Pricing Policy Design and Revenue Management: Economic Models and Policy Practice” [Accepted, eds. K.N. Ninan and Makoto Inoue, Edward Elgar]

Teaching Innovations:

Barrage, Lint (2016) “Teaching Environmental Valuation Methods through Real-World Applications: A Travel Cost Method Field Study” [R&R, Journal of Economic Education]